TWRP recovery 3.2.1-0 20180610-2102

TWRP recovery 3.2.1-0 20180610-2102

Based on TWRP recovery 3.2.1-0 from TWRP Team. (thanks for recovery sources!)

RECOVERY for MIUI/LineageOS/OmniRom/Resurrection Remix/AOSP
works with Android 7.x / Nougat & Android 8.x / Oreo based ROMs:


  • delete your .trwp config-file (located in TWRP folder) and setup device in TWRP again.
    This fixes display brightness and partition naming issues

Known issues:

  • has to be flashed when using original MIUI Android 8 / Oreo ROMs directly from XIAOMI ->
  • Get it here:
  • If not flashed right after TWRP or ROM install your TWRP recovery gets overwritten with the MIUI stock recovery!
    Not needed for based ROMs.


  • TWRP 3.2.1-0 based – build on Nextgen-Networks build environment with latest kernel 4.4.132
  • Build completely live from latest build tree files – prebuild kernel fragments not needed anymore *yay*
  • introduced “FrankenTab” – mixed fstab v1 & v2 layout to achive de-/encryption and also keep as much partitions available as possible
  • kept the somewhat slower read/write settings (70-90 MB/s) to stay compatible with OmniRom power/storage/kernel settings
  • en-/decryption support for all recent Android builds (stable & weekly)
  • additional partitions backup & restoreable (17 overall)
  • more languages
  • display brightness fixed – it’s bright again!Backup
  • USB connection working again (MTP & ADB)
  • support for NTFS storag
  • support for Ext4 storage
  • support for F2FS storage
  • support for EXFAT storage
  • changelog for TWRP base:

Lizenz: GNU/GPL

Version: 20180610-2102
Published: 10. Juni 2018