recovery install & password delete scripts – 1.29

recovery install & password delete scripts – 1.29

Installer Script for .img based recovery files and devices that support fastboot based flash of recovery files.

  • Extract the zip-file
  • put the recoverys in the same folder
  • execute the recovery-flash.cmd

Password/Pin/Pattern delete script – Useful if you restored an backup and your former used Password/Pin/Pattern did not work anymore (because of restore magic™) or you simply have forgotten it.

  • To have this script working properly you need to have an recovery installed that has ADB enabled.
    All recoveries provided by nextgen-networks are shipped with ADB enabled if not stated different.

Source of embedded platform-tools:

Licensed under the licence of their respective owners. See NOTICE.txt in plattform-tools subfolder.

Version: 1.29
Published: 27. Januar 2018